ActivePaper Archive SHAHAN SOCIETY TO HOLD DEBATE - The Tower, 3/8/1946


The faculty and student body aro • invited to a debate by four members of the Thomas J, Shahan Debating Society t be held nsxt Monday evening, March 11, at 7:15 p.m. in Room 112 of MoMahon Hall. The topic will be "Resolved: tha the policy of the United States should be directed toward the establishment of free trado among the nations of the world."

The Thomas J, Shahan Debating Society was organized ovor a quarter of a century ago 4nd named in tho honor of Most Rev. Thomas J. Shahan, former Roctor of Catholic University^ The natno of Bishop Shahan will always be associated with tho greatest prdgross of the university4 During his term as reotor, which was the longest of any to this time, Gibbons Hall and the John X. Mullen Library wero erected, and work was begun on the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Lewisite gas was developed in the soiontific laboratories of the University, and many of tho students discontinued thoir acadomio life to join tho Armod Forces xn "TorId ',7ar I. Also during this time, tho undergraduato, lay studonts decidod to form an organization aid thGra in learning to dobato, and to onablo thorn to engage in debates -with other collcgos, Sinco the organization of the society it has ongagod in and won debates with teams from many oollogos throughout the oountry. During the Second World War, howovor, tho shortage of students made it nooossary to suspend tho activities of the Debating Society,

With the return of many formor students and tho ontranco of many new ones, it is hoped that tho Thomas J, Shahan Debating Society will again begin to function. All undorgraduato lay male students intorcstad in debating are cordially invited to join the group. It is not necessary that one have had debating oxporionoo; the only requirement is that ho have sufficient interest to learn proper debating methods.